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ABT are proud to have Shimano Australia as a Fishing Sponsor for 2014

ABT Has Moved- www.abt.org.au

ABT is excited to announce the launch of its new website www.abt.org.au. The bream, bass, and barra websites will remain as archives, so from today forward head to www.abt.org.aufor all your latest ABT tournament information.

Daiwa Hobie Kayak Bream Glenelg Final Results

Chris Burbidge has continued his stellar run at the on the Glenelg River with another win with 6/6 bream for 3.6 kg. Daniel Brady also kicked off his 2014 Daiwa Hobie Kayak Series with bang taking out second place with 6/6 fish for 3.39 kg. Full Story and Photos to follow soon.  

bream on Sunday, February 09 @ 22:53:59 EST (1947 reads)

VIC BREAM Classic - Round 1 Results - Docklands.

Click here for the link to the results for the first round of the Vic BREAM Classics for 2014.

stevemorgan on Monday, February 03 @ 13:46:25 EST (1442 reads)

13 Fishing Take out Damiki Round of WA BREAM Classics

Unless you were Team 13 Fishing, you had a reasonably tough bite at the first Engel WA BREAM Classic of the year. Chris Pfrunder and Callum Dowell bagged 4/4, 3.190kg to leave the rest of the field in their wake - including a 1.175kg kicker.

Click through for full results.

stevemorgan on Monday, February 03 @ 13:42:30 EST (2437 reads)

One Amazing FourStroke Verado Offer-save up to $3,850

Mercury’s FourStroke Verado is an engineering triumph which has redefined the reliability, power and performance you can get from an outboard engine.


Whether it’s a 4 or 6 cylinder model, a new Verado will also give you exceptional fuel economy, a fluid driving experience with precise shifting, a superior hole-shot and outstanding acceleration.


Now you can experience (and enjoy) all of that, and save some serious money.

bream on Tuesday, January 14 @ 15:51:21 EST (1040 reads)

Skeeter Bonus Bucks- 2013 Winner

Queensland breamer Jamie McKeown has won the Skeeter Bonus Bucks points race for 2013. Compiling 327 points out of possible 400 McKeown cashes in to the tune  of $2000, a healthy bonus to finish off 2013.

Click here for full points table.

bream on Tuesday, December 10 @ 11:38:51 EST (1144 reads)

Mercury 150hp FourStroke Finance at just 3.99% (Comparison Rate)

Since it first hit the water just two years ago, Mercury’s 150hp FourStroke has been rightly heralded as one of the very best outboards ever built.


And now – for a limited time – boat lovers can enjoy one of these great engines this summer, thanks to two fantastic offers from Mercury Finance.

bream on Friday, December 06 @ 10:04:54 EST (1260 reads)

ABT Calendar 2014- The Future is Now

The Future is Now

ABT takes the success of its past and merges it with its desires for the future to launch the most dynamic and advanced tournament circuit Australia has to offer.

Grounded, influential, ever changing and industry leading, ABT delivers angler and sponsor opportunities that opens doors, creates pathways, and leads to personal, professional and industry benefits.


bream on Wednesday, December 04 @ 22:43:16 EST (9850 reads)

ABT/Nomad Elusive Reef Trip of a Lifetime

ABT and Nomad Sportfishing Adventures have joined forces to bring you the ultimate remote mothership sportfishing experience.

Join 2013 BASS Pro Grand Final champion Dean Silvester on a week long adventure fishing Nomad's premier GT location targeting a host of reef and pelagic species. From GTs to tuna and all species in between, it's sportfishing action that only Nomad and the Great Barrier Reef can deliver.

Scheduled for 6th - 13th July 2014, guests will fly to Hamilton Island before boarding a seaplane that'll deliver them to Elusive Reef and the Nomad mothership. Seven spots are on offer on the trip, with ABT members eligible to a 10% discount on the cost of the trip.

For ABT members keen to experience the adrenaline rush that only an outer reef Nomad trip can offer July 2014 is the best time you'll ever find to do it.

Pricing and more detailed info can be had by emailing info@nomadsportfishing.com.au 


bream on Tuesday, November 26 @ 14:27:11 EST (1009 reads)

Press Release ABT Decides Future and Business Direction for 2014

By ABT (Australian Bass Tournaments P/L)

Friday, November 22, 2013


Shailer Park, QLD- Australian Bass Tournaments (ABT) provides multi species catch-and-release tournaments to anglers across Australia. Since 1999 ABT has grown from a handful of tournaments to multiple tournament series involving thousands of anglers.


ABT’s mission is to provide anglers, and the industry, with a premier, catch and release tournament circuits that the industry in an ethically responsible manner. Catch and release lure fishing has gained traction with the wider angling community and subsequently is educating generations of anglers to participate and enjoy angling..


Communication and dissemination of successful tackle and techniques is the key element to making the successful anglers role-models for the wider angling community. ABT’s motto “Who Shares Wins” remains the cornerstone of this principle.



Recent challenges have seen ABT restructured with the goal of making the business better organised for its present needs. These changes are integral to the long term viability of ABT. As a result of these changes ABT can focus better on its core business whilst maximising the variety of opportunities available. This ultimately translates to exciting new opportunities for both anglers and sponsors.


The overall number of events is set to be reduced in 2014. The silver lining to the cloud is that a reduction in the number of events will see an increase in quality with a growing list of new media, features and opportunities being introduced to benefit anglers, spectators and sponsors. Other areas of business such as the membership, Tournament Angler Guide, and staffing are being restructured, a change that will deliver greater financial viability to ABT and enable the freeing up of resources to enable the development of new industry-leading practices and tournaments. 


With unparallel experience, historical data, infrastructure and access to all forms of media, ABT remains at the forefront of tournament fishing in Australia. The 2014 calendar is rapidly emerging and is set to deliver anglers and sponsors amazing opportunities via a cross section of media platforms and digital technology.



In the next week ABT will release a more detailed plan of what it has to offer for 2014. Included in that will be a draft calendar, detailing the number of events for each series, and the broad areas in which those events will be held.


A more detailed final calendar will be released prior to Christmas with the new tournament season predicted to start in February, 2014.


While the events of 2013 have hit ABT hard we are invigorated by the opportunity that has been presented to us. The opportunity to evolve, to strive for bigger and better things, and to deliver anglers the ultimate tournament fishing experience and for associated businesses and industries to continue to reap the rewards.



bream on Friday, November 22 @ 11:19:15 EST (1169 reads)

Humminbird BREAM Grand Final - Final Results

Steve Parker (10/10, 8.49kg) has secured victory at the 2013 Humminbird BREAM Grand Final! With the Grand Final reduced to two days due to dangerous weather conditions the entire field of 39 boats had the opportunity to fish for glory on the third and final day.

Parker backed up his great day one with a full 5/5 tournament limit on the final day to finish in front of Jarrod Healey (9/10, 6.66kg) and surprise package Daniel Kent (10/10, 6.62kg). More information to follow shortly.

Click here for the Day One Leaders YouTube

Click here for Day 2 Wind Delay

Day 2 Cancelled - angler video.

Day two of the Humminbird BREAM Grand Final has been called off due to strong winds.

Non-boater Presentation Video

Boater final day weigh-in

Link to lureandfly.com image gallery.

For non-boaters their GF is over with the results at the end of day one now the final results for their event, while all boaters will fish on Sunday.

bream on Friday, November 08 @ 15:55:25 EST (3580 reads)